Shopping and Chilling with Friends

Shopping may be great, but sometimes you just want to kick back and relax with your friends and chat or watch a movie.  There are lots of different movie sites online which each have different things to offer, so why not try them all?

Or at least try the ones without questionable legality and spambot-mines.

Here’s a short list of a few good options for movie viewing websites:

Youtube – The big one with everything on it.  It’s free, it has live events and it has movies, short film clips and everything in betwee.  It doesn’t have much in terms of social interactions with your friends, but the amount of content on the sight is mindboggling.

Cya Live – They don’t always have an event on, but when they do it’s usually free to join and has a friendly atmosphere.  You and your friends can join in video chatting with each other and with the producers of the show, and they almost always answered any questions I’ve had quite quickly.

Facebook – The go to platform for networking with your friends has live videos on it now.  You can upload videos for your friends to watch directly to Facebook, and even have live streams.  You can also check out various streamers such as Synaptop [insert facebook link] on Facebook who regularly upload livestreams.

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