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Flirt Catalog

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Lingerie, flirty, sexy clothes and dresses, clubwear, sexy tops, hot skirts and mini skirts, sexy jeans, sexy swimwear and bikinis, and the hottest sexy lingerie. Of course, Flirt Catalog is THE world’s greatest online costume store for sexy costumes, sexy Halloween costumes.


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Established in 1990, Flirt started as a small retail outlet in beautiful downtown Cocoa Beach, Florida, quickly acquiring a reputation for having some the most unique and sexiest styles anywhere. Located in a tourist destination, Ron was constantly being asked if Flirt had a mail order catalog that would allow customers to shop from Flirt even after they left Cocoa Beach. After hearing this request so many times, he came up with a brilliant idea: Let's make a mail order catalog! (Duh). The first Flirt catalog was locally produced as a fold out flier, and mailed in 1995. It generated a great response. That let Ron know he was on the right track. Flirt Catalog then became known as the first truly sexy catalog that was considered the go to catalog from the exotic entertainment industry to bikini contest circuit girls to anyone just wanting to look hot. Flirt Catalog was asked to dress many an ensemble: Vegas Showgirls, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, Pageant Contestants, Hawaiian Tropic and Hooters Girls& With that response, Ron decided to step it up a notch, and move the production out to Hollywood, California. Here is where Flirt Catalog shined by having the opportunity to showcase the killer fashions by working with some of the best models, photographers, and hair and makeup artists in the country. Flirt Catalog has since moved production back to sunny Cocoa Beach Florida, and we've added more hot models to our repertoire!


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