Shopping through a cloud

Life is busy, and we often find ourselves getting too caught up with work, school etc. Have you forgotten the joy of shopping with your friends? Stop delaying that shopping trip you’ve been talking about for months! Now, there is a new way to window shop with your friends. Lets assume you are living in Toronto, and you want to take your friend who now lives in Paris on a shopping trip because you desperately need her advice. Synaptop can make that possible. All you have to do is long on to the website, create an account, and invite your friends. Synaptop allows you to co-browse Shop n Chill and video chat with as many friends at the same time.

Last time they asked you about your opinion on long-distance relationships you said you don’t believe in them! Well Synaptop does not believe in them too, so it is eliminating the word distance. You can stay connected with your friends and family all the time, no matter where they are. Don’t miss out on traditions such as watching movies, shopping, listening to music, and co-browsing the web together.

Synaptop is a free virtual platform that can be accessed from any internet enabled device for free! You can take your friends everywhere with you. It’s a hardware free invention that will change the dynamics of your life . The only thing you will have to worry about is finding some alone time, because Synaptop makes sure you are always surrounded by the ones you love.

Create and log into Synaptop today!,

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