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Welcome to the Getting Started / Tour guide. Have no clue where to start your shopping experience? Start here. This is the comprehensive resource to get you started on a Shopping Trip in no time!

1. Getting Signed Up

To start using ShopNChill's features, you have to get signed up!

Enter your name, gender, date of birth and your login information and you're on your way!

2. Use the Network Application to find friends

Your friends might not be on ShopNChill yet, but with your help they can get signed up. Click the Network button to view your social network options

Click the "Applications" menu item to go to the Applications page.
Click the networking button to view your social networking options.

3. Invite Your Friends From Social Networks

Any friends that you have that you would like to shop with and have as a contact on a social network, send them an invite using the Network Application.

Sign in to the social networks so that you can see all of your friends!
Click through each network and send invitations to the friends you want to shop with.

4. Add Your ShopNChill friends

Once your friends join, search for them on ShopNChill and add them to your friends list!

Turn your shopping trip on or off
Drag and drop friends onto your shopping trip
Search for people that are already signed up for ShopNChill!

5. Start Shopping With Your Friends

Now that your friends have joined and you've added them, start shopping together!

This line indicates whose view you are watching.
Click on a friend to see their view.

6. Enter Your Measurements on Size Me Up

Since you've been able to go shopping, you might want to know your size information for different stores. Enter your measurements on Size Me Up and you will be ready to go!

Enter your sizes here and click "Size Me Up" to get your sizes in different stores and standards. Click Here to go to Size Me Up.
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