Shoes – we all know what they are, and why we where them, but how do you choose the right style, colour and just overall look for you? Here are some helpful tips, to narrow down your selection.

First things first, determining what type of shoe is best for you. This largely depends on your life style, and your work/social life.

If you find you are always busy, and you have little time to change back and forth to fit different occasions, sticking to one reliable shoe is your best bet. Fall back on the black ballet flat shoe, which goes with everything, and is comfortable enough to wear anywhere! Check out Miz Mooz – PARKSLOPE, which provides the best of both worlds – style, and comfort – by clicking here: Miz Mooz Parkslope

Lindsay Lohan

Even busy stars like Lindsay Lohan rely on the classic black flats – through work, and later in her spare time.

OC Star Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton, former OC star, also rocks the black flats, as she shops in California.

What about a shoe for those lazy days, where comfort is essential? Check out Espardrille’s Black Sown Shoes. These shoes are perfect for a lazy day off around the house, and around town. They are even great for school, something you can just slip into, and know you’re going to be comfortable.
Find these comfy shoes by clicking here! Espadrilles Black Sown Shoe

The next shoe that provides reliability and comfort is a flat boot. Check out the Ara Portofino, has it provides a waterproof boot experience, mixed with style and comfort.
Click here to see this boot: Ara – Portofino

OC Star Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson, former OC star, rocks the boot look while walking her dog.

What about the classic flip flop, a staple to all beach outfits? Pacsun has a wide selection of Flip Flops, to match every beach outfit. Click Here: Pacsun Sandals

The HILLS Star Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad also wears flip flop like sandals, seen here in tan sandals.

The go-to black flip flop is also on the Pacsun sandal list. The following image is the black havaiana sandal.
Click here: Pacsun Black Flip Flop

Simple Life Star Nicole Richie

The black flip flop is worn by even rich celebrities, such as Nicole Riche, seen here in Black Flip Flops.

Now that we’ve covered the ultra-comfy shoes, let’s start with pumps!
When heading out for a night on the down with your girls, pumps are almost a necessity. They provide that extra height that make you legs look out of this world. But what pumps should you choose?

If walking in pumps isn’t your best strength, choose a pump with lots of support, to make your experience easier. Here’s the perfect example, of a pump that gives you tonnes of height, but support in the front too. Steve Madden’s A-ELISKA BLACK shoe definitely provides you with enough support and style. Check out Steve Madden’s shoe here: Steve Maddens A-Eliska Black Shoe.

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton also likes to dress up, for a night on the town. In this case, pumps are a must. Try the open toe boot look, to achieve this look.

If you have experience with high heals, and have a special occasion to go to, try the metallic coloured pumps. Steve Madden has a shoe called Bradlly Champagne Satin, which would like wonderful at a wedding or other formal event: Steve Madden’s Bradlly Champagne Satin


Beyonce is known to wear the outfits her mother designs, which she always looks fabulous in. Here’s a picture of Beyonce, in gold pumps.


Even stars like Lauren Graham, who played Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls, sticks to metallic colours, this time silver.

Black pumps are an essential item to every shoe collection. Steve Madden has the Bevv black suede. Black pumps go with every outfit, and are an easy pick too.
Click here, to see: steve madden bevv black suede

Lauren Conrad rocking the black pump

Fashionista Lauren Conrad proves that time and time again. Here she is seen twice rocking black pumps.
Laguna Beach Star Lauren Conrad

Standard coloured pumps aren’t always what you are looking for. It is important to mix it up, and enjoy your time out with some of your favourite colour shoes.
Why not go to an extreme and make a statement, with these Leopard Print pumps, that will definitely catch some attention. Click here to vists Steve Madden’s shoe: Steve Madden – BEVV-L LEOPARD

It doesn’t always have to be crazy prints that will catch the attention of others. Paris Hilton wears just a simple Blue pump, that gets her attention too!

Paris Hilton

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