Nika Prom Dress

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Need to grab attention?

Nika’s style with this bright red colour will be sure to do just that. It fits with your curves and has a colour that screams for attention, so you don’t have to.
Pick this classic red dress here.

Nika Classic Red

Nika also has the black dress, which is completely graceful. Nika’s black dresses are also a wonderful pick.
Look into the Black Nika Dress.

Classic Black

What about a mix of colours? Nika has just that. Select your favourite colours and add them together with Nika Dresses.
Select the colourful one here.

Colourful Dresses

Prom is also a time to feel like a princess. Nika has a selection of dresses that will make you feel like the princess you are. In a variety of wonderful colours, you can select your favourite one.


Pink Princess


Purple Nika

What about the Goddess feel ? Shop N Chill has the white goddess dresses, to make sure you feel exactly how you want to on your prom.

Check out a classic goddess dress here.

White Goddess

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