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Shopping and Chilling with Friends

Shopping may be great, but sometimes you just want to kick back and relax with your friends and chat or watch a movie.  There are lots of different movie sites online which each have different things to offer, so why not try them all?

Or at least try the ones without questionable legality and spambot-mines.

Here’s a short list of a few good options for movie viewing websites:

Youtube – The big one with everything on it.  It’s free, it has live events and it has movies, short film clips and everything in betwee.  It doesn’t have much in terms of social interactions with your friends, but the amount of content on the sight is mindboggling.

Cya Live – They don’t always have an event on, but when they do it’s usually free to join and has a friendly atmosphere.  You and your friends can join in video chatting with each other and with the producers of the show, and they almost always answered any questions I’ve had quite quickly.

Facebook – The go to platform for networking with your friends has live videos on it now.  You can upload videos for your friends to watch directly to Facebook, and even have live streams.  You can also check out various streamers such as Synaptop [insert facebook link] on Facebook who regularly upload livestreams.

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Let’s talk about pants

I wear pants every day, but not all pants were made equal.  Here are some things to consider while buying a pair of pants.

Size – Obviously you want the pants to fit, but not be uncomfortably too tight.  The best option is to try pants on before you buy them, but this isn’t always an option, especially if you’re buying online.

Material – Some materials are warmer, some breath better, some are more durable, some are more comfortable.  Linen, denim, flannel wool, or more often a combination of these are common materials for pants.

Pockets – This is a big one for me.  Pockets give you a place to store your wallet and your keys, let you keep a pencil and notepad or a comb or whatever else you feel is important to carry with you.

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Shopping for the perfect handbag

Handbags are a necessity for a girl’s fashion wardrobe and though you may not think it, they can really make or brake an outfit. When you are deciding which bag to purchase, there are a few different things to consider. Firstly, think about what you will be using it for. If you need a bag for everyday activities such as shopping or going to work, then you will want something that is big enough to hold everything you need. If you are going with an oversized bag, then this will go a long way to dictating how your whole outfit comes together, so you want to make sure that it will match different outfits. Choose a plain, block colour like black or white and you will be pretty much guaranteed that you can use your bag with anything.

If you are looking for a bag that you can bring with you when you are out at a party or a posh dinner, then you will want to look for something smaller. You can choose one that will not only go with what you are wearing, but will enhance it. For example if you normally wear a lot of jewellery when you go out, from somewhere like 77 Diamonds, then you could buy a bag that is sparkly and that will compliment this look. However, you may also want a small bag that will simply blend into the background of your outfit and not be the focus. A small, sleek black clutch is perfect for these situations, as it adds subtle class to what you are wearing without being overpowering.

Whatever function you want a bag for, there is something out there to suit everyone. Whether you want one that will be the focus piece of your outfit, or you are simply looking for a bag that will hold everything that you need to have with you. From style to functionality, glamour to bright colours it is fun to shop so get started on your bag search.

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Shopping through a cloud

Life is busy, and we often find ourselves getting too caught up with work, school etc. Have you forgotten the joy of shopping with your friends? Stop delaying that shopping trip you’ve been talking about for months! Now, there is a new way to window shop with your friends. Lets assume you are living in Toronto, and you want to take your friend who now lives in Paris on a shopping trip because you desperately need her advice. Synaptop can make that possible. All you have to do is long on to the website, create an account, and invite your friends. Synaptop allows you to co-browse Shop n Chill and video chat with as many friends at the same time.

Last time they asked you about your opinion on long-distance relationships you said you don’t believe in them! Well Synaptop does not believe in them too, so it is eliminating the word distance. You can stay connected with your friends and family all the time, no matter where they are. Don’t miss out on traditions such as watching movies, shopping, listening to music, and co-browsing the web together.

Synaptop is a free virtual platform that can be accessed from any internet enabled device for free! You can take your friends everywhere with you. It’s a hardware free invention that will change the dynamics of your life . The only thing you will have to worry about is finding some alone time, because Synaptop makes sure you are always surrounded by the ones you love.

Create and log into Synaptop today!,

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Sole struck

Two things that women will unconditionally love; chocolate and shoes. Having the right pair of shoes on will almost always make your day. Looking through Blondo’s new spring/summer collection, you cant help but think of how beautifully those pieces combine style and comfort. Picture yourself walking down the street on a sunny day, sipping on your iced frap and just loving life. Zoom in to the bottom of that picture, you can see yourself rocking all those different designs. Adding a different vibe to your day with every pair no matter what your doing.

For more of the Blondo collection :

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Nika Prom Dress

Shop N Chill Dresses

Need to grab attention?

Nika’s style with this bright red colour will be sure to do just that. It fits with your curves and has a colour that screams for attention, so you don’t have to.
Pick this classic red dress here.

Nika Classic Red

Nika also has the black dress, which is completely graceful. Nika’s black dresses are also a wonderful pick.
Look into the Black Nika Dress.

Classic Black

What about a mix of colours? Nika has just that. Select your favourite colours and add them together with Nika Dresses.
Select the colourful one here.

Colourful Dresses

Prom is also a time to feel like a princess. Nika has a selection of dresses that will make you feel like the princess you are. In a variety of wonderful colours, you can select your favourite one.


Pink Princess


Purple Nika

What about the Goddess feel ? Shop N Chill has the white goddess dresses, to make sure you feel exactly how you want to on your prom.

Check out a classic goddess dress here.

White Goddess

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Shoes – we all know what they are, and why we where them, but how do you choose the right style, colour and just overall look for you? Here are some helpful tips, to narrow down your selection.

First things first, determining what type of shoe is best for you. This largely depends on your life style, and your work/social life.

If you find you are always busy, and you have little time to change back and forth to fit different occasions, sticking to one reliable shoe is your best bet. Fall back on the black ballet flat shoe, which goes with everything, and is comfortable enough to wear anywhere! Check out Miz Mooz – PARKSLOPE, which provides the best of both worlds – style, and comfort – by clicking here: Miz Mooz Parkslope

Lindsay Lohan

Even busy stars like Lindsay Lohan rely on the classic black flats – through work, and later in her spare time.

OC Star Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton, former OC star, also rocks the black flats, as she shops in California.

What about a shoe for those lazy days, where comfort is essential? Check out Espardrille’s Black Sown Shoes. These shoes are perfect for a lazy day off around the house, and around town. They are even great for school, something you can just slip into, and know you’re going to be comfortable.
Find these comfy shoes by clicking here! Espadrilles Black Sown Shoe

The next shoe that provides reliability and comfort is a flat boot. Check out the Ara Portofino, has it provides a waterproof boot experience, mixed with style and comfort.
Click here to see this boot: Ara – Portofino

OC Star Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson, former OC star, rocks the boot look while walking her dog.

What about the classic flip flop, a staple to all beach outfits? Pacsun has a wide selection of Flip Flops, to match every beach outfit. Click Here: Pacsun Sandals

The HILLS Star Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad also wears flip flop like sandals, seen here in tan sandals.

The go-to black flip flop is also on the Pacsun sandal list. The following image is the black havaiana sandal.
Click here: Pacsun Black Flip Flop

Simple Life Star Nicole Richie

The black flip flop is worn by even rich celebrities, such as Nicole Riche, seen here in Black Flip Flops.

Now that we’ve covered the ultra-comfy shoes, let’s start with pumps!
When heading out for a night on the down with your girls, pumps are almost a necessity. They provide that extra height that make you legs look out of this world. But what pumps should you choose?

If walking in pumps isn’t your best strength, choose a pump with lots of support, to make your experience easier. Here’s the perfect example, of a pump that gives you tonnes of height, but support in the front too. Steve Madden’s A-ELISKA BLACK shoe definitely provides you with enough support and style. Check out Steve Madden’s shoe here: Steve Maddens A-Eliska Black Shoe.

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton also likes to dress up, for a night on the town. In this case, pumps are a must. Try the open toe boot look, to achieve this look.

If you have experience with high heals, and have a special occasion to go to, try the metallic coloured pumps. Steve Madden has a shoe called Bradlly Champagne Satin, which would like wonderful at a wedding or other formal event: Steve Madden’s Bradlly Champagne Satin


Beyonce is known to wear the outfits her mother designs, which she always looks fabulous in. Here’s a picture of Beyonce, in gold pumps.


Even stars like Lauren Graham, who played Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls, sticks to metallic colours, this time silver.

Black pumps are an essential item to every shoe collection. Steve Madden has the Bevv black suede. Black pumps go with every outfit, and are an easy pick too.
Click here, to see: steve madden bevv black suede

Lauren Conrad rocking the black pump

Fashionista Lauren Conrad proves that time and time again. Here she is seen twice rocking black pumps.
Laguna Beach Star Lauren Conrad

Standard coloured pumps aren’t always what you are looking for. It is important to mix it up, and enjoy your time out with some of your favourite colour shoes.
Why not go to an extreme and make a statement, with these Leopard Print pumps, that will definitely catch some attention. Click here to vists Steve Madden’s shoe: Steve Madden – BEVV-L LEOPARD

It doesn’t always have to be crazy prints that will catch the attention of others. Paris Hilton wears just a simple Blue pump, that gets her attention too!

Paris Hilton

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French Connection – FCUK Spring Line

Join Shop N Chill and French Connection while we shop for the best outfit for the upcoming season.

Spring is just around the corner, and what better item to have then a FCUK Sweater, to keep you warm on those days when weather is mysterious. FCUK offers a fashionable zip-up sweater, with the FCUK logo to ensure style is never an issue.

Find the FCUK Logo Sweater here, on FCUK’s Shop N Chill Page.

What better go-to outfit than jeans and a sweater. Look into the new FCUK Skinny Jeans, called SMYRNA, which will be a staple in your wardrobe. Smyrna Jeans are offered in a light demin colour, which separates it from most other jeans you currently own. Start this spring season out with a fresh new look – with light demin.


Find Smyrna Jeans here on French Connection’s Shop N Chill Page.

French Connection has many more products to choose from. Visit French Connection’s home page on Shop N Chill to see what products would best suit your needs.

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Alegria Clogs

Start 2011 out with style, and great comfort, with Alegria clogs!

First, let’s start off with the classic and always in style, Black Clog. Black provides the sleek style and compatible colour that allows you to wear it with anything! Keep it simple, by slipping into one of the classic black clogs Alegria has to offer. Here’s one example, which can be found by clicking here: Alegria Clogs.

Black Alegria Clog - perfect for every outfit!

Alegria clogs are stylish, and come in a variety of colours and patterns to suit every unique style. You could even buy more than one, to match several outfits. Why not buy one in your favourite colour? They are so easy to slip into, which makes them super convenient when you are in a hurry! Take a look at thhe following picture, displaying another Alegria Classic, but making a statement with the vibrant colour green. Find this unique boot by clicking here: Alegria Clogs Green.

Rock the Unique Green Alegria Clog.

Don’t wait any longer! Visit Alegria’s page now and find the perfect fit for you. Just go to: Alegria Homepage to find your favourite clog for this season, you won’t be disappointed!

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Prom Contest 2011!

Shop N Chill would like to introduce a new contest!

With prom just around the corner, it’s time to start searching for that perfect prom dress. Shop N Chill has a variety of amazing selections, for every style and in every colour. Participate in this contest, and you could win a grand prize of up to $300 off any prom dress you select on the website. Faviana and Nika both carry excellent prom dresses.

The prizes are as follows:
ONE grand prize of $300 off any prom dress you select on Shop N Chill. (Faviana and Nika 2011 lines)
TWO runners up prizes of 20% off your dress price.
Entry in this contest grants you 5% off the purchase price of your dress.

Contest Information:
The person to create and participate in the most amounts of Shopping Trips receives the grand prize of up to $300 off the purchase price of your dress. Shopping Trips are easy to make, simply follow the link to sign up and create an account.

Next, follow the steps to create a Shopping Trip. Once at the final stage, tag friends so they too can participate in your Shopping Trip. Remember, the more you create and the more you participate in, the higher your chances become of winning. This means participate in as many Shopping Trips as you can. You must be linked to that Shopping Trip, for example being tagged.
The person with the most amount of Shopping Trips and participation levels will be contacted by email, so it is important to use a email account you check regularly.

Contest Rules and Regulations:
You can only create one account that will qualify, multiple accounts is discouraged, as only one will be considered. You may create as many Shopping Trips as you like, however bonus points will be awarded for those that get featured.

Inappropriate videos will not be tolerated. You will be disqualified should your account be linked to a flagged video. If you come across an inappropriate video in your contact list, you should report it directly to admin at

Only Shopping Trips that are created and participated in within the given times are considered. Start date for creating videos is Wednesday, January 19, 2011. End date, which is to say the final day you can create a video or participate in one is March 31, 2011 at 11:59:00pm EST. All videos and comments must be sent before the deadline to be considered for this contest.
Updates regarding the top users will be posted regularly in the Shop N Chill Blog.

Check out the prom dresses page for more info.

Good Luck!

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